Double Girder  Cranes

Bhagat Cranes, Greater Noida offers wide range of customized Single Girder Structure Overhead Cranes. Single Girder Crane’s structure fabricated in two types of design

  1. I Beam Type Girder : Low cost & light weight, Suitable for light duty crane requirements having span up-to 10 meters and SWL 5 MT
  2. Box Type Girder : Suitable for heavy duty cycle cranes requirements


Box Type Girder
EOT Cranes in Greater Noida
I Beam Type Girder

Box Type Double Girder EOT Cranes

Box Type Girder fabricated by weld the MS steel plate. If  girders are of the box section type, the web plates are to be stiffened with full length diaphragms where required and short length diaphragms are to be inserted between the full length diaphragms plates to transmit the trolley wheel load to the web plates of the girders.

Girders shall be calculated in accordance with the most recent edition of IS standards for girders design. A rail of adequate size shall be fastened to the top plate of the girder and provided with wheel stops to prevent trolley over running.

  • Greater hook height – how far above the floor the hoist will lift
  • No limits to maximum span or capacity
  • Ideal for production and transportation of heavy equipment
  • Ideal for high frequency of loading unloading  of heavy loads
  • Easy to add additional features like walkways, maintenance platform, cabs, magnetic reels, light etc.
  • More expensive due to added material, heavy supporting structure and complex crane component
  • More costlier than single girder in terms of installation and freight
  • Hook approach is lessened for both trolley and girder travel
  • Higher maintenance and operating cost

Bhagat Cranes offers EOT Cranes in Double Girder Cranes with Box type section up-to following parameters

Span up-to 40 Meters
Load Capacity up-to 40 MT
Height up-to 16 Meters
Hoist Speed up-to 8 Meters/min

I Beam Type Double Girder Box

These girders are fabricated by conventional standard steel shapes ISMB (I beam ) and ISMC ( C Channel).

i beam girder

  • Most economical option for light to medium duty cranes
  • Easier to install, service, and maintain
  • Ideal for workshops, warehouses, material yards, and manufacturing and production facilities having span up-to 25 Meters
  • Great for facilities with low headroom
  • Lower capacity rating – Limited in terms of load capacity and span
  • Expensive and difficult to implement maintenance platform


Bhagat Cranes offers EOT Cranes in Double Girder Cranes with I Beam with C Channel capping type section up-to following parameters

Span up-to 25 Meters
Load Capacity up-to 20 MT
Height up-to 10 Meters
Hoist Speed up-to 5 Meters/min