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Bhagat Cranes offers best conventional low maintenance E.O.T. Cranes, Column and Gantry Structure for Cranes as well as Rail Transfer Carts & Wire Rope Hoists.

Experience Machinist

Our Accurate precise component make smooth and Noise free performance of Mechanical system..

Conventional Design

Overtime conventional E.O.T Cranes perform more safely and long life span.

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Standard Materials

Bhagat Cranes use high grade raw materials as per IS:801 standard

Modern Drive Technology

Smooth movements, safety for motors and low power consumption emphasize for this add on technology in your cranes .

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Frequently Asked Question

How to choose cranes duty class?

EOT Crane design and costs depends upon Duty Class of cranes.

Crane class duty are chooses based on average load intensities and number of cycles. On the other hand, the classification all hoists by the International Organization for standardization (ISO), European Federation Standard (FEM) and Hoist manufacturer Institute (HMI) is according to more rigorous requirements, which include number of starts and maximum running time per hour. CMAA Crane classification and its comparison with other classification are given below. There are six different classifications of cranes by CMAA based on the duty cycle of crane.

Choose Single Girder Crane or Double Girder Cranes

Single Girder Cranes are used for light duty (operation hours up-to 6 hours) having span up-to 22 meters and load capacity up-to 20 MT. While Double Girder Cranes are used in heavy duty(8 hours or above) having load capacity more than 20 MT.

Common EOT Crane problems

  1. Crane Skew and Alignment Issues
  2. Damage or Degradation to the Wire Rope
  3. Excessive Wear to End Truck Wheels
  4. Electrical Problems
    1. Contact Interruptions
    2. Push Button Pendants or Radio Controls problems
    3. Blown Fuses
  5. Bent or Damaged Hooks


Meet our teammates

Bhagat Cranes leads by Mr. Harendra Singh has 30+ years experience in Overhead Cranes and Factory Structure fabrications in leading companies of this field. We have full time as well as part time professionals engage in various challenging role in material handling design, manufacturing and installation.

Harendra Singh

Managing Director

Pradeep Kushwaha

Admin Head.

Chandan Bhagat


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E.O.T Cranes

Single Girder

Double Girder

Rs.60-80 Per Kg. of Steel

Smooth Running

Long Life

3+ Years Warranty*

2 Years free AMC

AMC for E.O.T Cranes

Preventive Maintenance on Every 3 months

Rs.30k – 80k / Year

Quick Response Team

Priority Services

10 % Discount on Spare Parts

Free Labor Cost

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Capacity up-to 10 MT

Lift height up-to 16 Meters

Rs.50k to 4.5 Lakhs

Conventional Simple Design

Smooth Running

Long Life

3 Years Warranty with 1 Year AMC