Single Girder  Cranes

Bhagat Cranes, Greater Noida offers wide range of customized Single Girder Structure Overhead Cranes. Single Girder Crane’s structure fabricated in two types of design

  1. I Beam Type Girder : Low cost & light weight, Suitable for light duty crane requirements having span up-to 10 meters and SWL 5 MT
  2. Box Type Girder : Suitable for heavy duty cycle cranes requirements


Box Type Girder
Single Girder Cranes 05 MT
I Beam Type Girder

Box Type Single Girder Cranes

  • Most economical option for light to medium duty cranes
  • Easier to install, service, and maintain
  • Ideal for workshops, warehouses, material yards, and manufacturing and production facilities
  • Great for facilities with low headroom
  • Better Girder and trolley hook approach
  • Long life due to lighter load on wheels


  • Limited hook height comparison to double girder cranes
  • Lower capacity rating – Limited in terms of load capacity and span
  • Expensive and difficult to implement maintenance platform
  • Maintenance is difficult comparison to Double Girder Cranes

I Beam Type Single Girder Cranes

  • Light weight industrial use purpose
  • Great for facilities with low headroom
  • Light Supporting Structure reduce cost
  • Cost efficient for span up-to 7 meters and 3 MT load
  • Support Manual and Electrical Chain Pulley Block and Wire Rope Hoists
  • Support manual (chain -pulley drive system) and electric motor drive
  • Less expensive due to a simpler trolley design, reduced freight costs, simplified and faster installation, and less material for the bridge and runway beams
  • Limited customization
  • No Maintenance platform
  • Appropriate Design for span up-to 10 Meters